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Some of the gadgets used in education today are described below-

1. Computers: The index for human literacy in the current scenario is acknowledged to be the 'knowledge of computers'. They have thoroughly changed the face of education. A person without the knowledge of computers is as good as an illiterate in the present scenario. They laid the basis of information age when they were introduced to the general public, few decades ago. Realizing this fact, people in Europe have started pursuing the ECDL training with great zeal. In every classroom there exists a computer. Many students pursue online educational courses with the help of these computers.

2. Mobile Phones: I am quite sure that Graham Bell would have had never imagined that people would get educated due to his invention. The mobiles phone today, are not just used to communicate with each other. Smart phones are in now. People learn on the move. They pursue their online courses while moving. The mobile phones have certainly made education system portable. The smart phones with specific configurations are used to view educational videos, slides and presentations. Not just that it also allows students to discuss with each other on educational topics. And this happens on the move.

3. Tablets: Tablets are a step ahead of mobile phones in terms of online education. Being bigger in size it provides a better interface for the e-learners. The high quality graphics of the tablets overcome the drawback of mobile phones. They are portable and compact too and hence are considered as the best gadgets to pursue online training. Although one can't compare it with mobile phones yet they have an edge over the later, at least in terms of online education. With its price coming down steeply they will be a great boon for e-learners.

4. Laptops: Laptops are currently, very widely used as educational gadget. Most of the students in A level training and in further education carry a laptop. One can't carry computers along with him, this reason led to the invention of laptops. Laptops are used in education in abundance these days because they are much powerful than computers and much portable too.


5. Projectors: Gone are the days when students would learn in classrooms over the blackboards. The white boards are seen in every class these days. These white boards are used for the projectors which are attached with one of the above mentioned gadgets. These projectors enlarge the graphics of an image, video, presentations etc. and make the classroom learning interesting and effective. Truly the education system of today, has become high-tech.

Web Design and Web Development may be used interchangeably but are very different from each other. This is so because both of them are two major parts of website building process. Moreover, both of them requires different skill sets. Hopefully, reading this article will help you to differentiate between the two.

Web Design is a process of designing the User Interface using different software such as Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe XD. A proper grid system is used to form a webpage design and add different components of a webpage to it. Graphic Designers who have complete kowledge about web can also work as web http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=web designing course in dubai designers and can get paid well.

Web Development involves the coding part. The design that has been created by the web designer need to converted using a code. Basically, a flat design is converted to an interactive design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Advance professionals develop this on CMS i.e. Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal etc.

Now, we will get to know how to they differ in course content.

A Web Design is constructed using a thought process of a client. Then a whole Information Architecture is build according to the rules and principles of website design. html course in dubai The course related to this will guide you about :

You will get to learn these concepts in the following courses :

(PS - All these courses are available in classroom as well as online more)

Web Development is the task which involves the programming part. They add life to a flat design. For example design has added a picture at homepage but developer will add a slideshow and make it more interactive and appealing.

So, in this course you will get to know about :



If you are eager learner then you can go for development of website on CMS such as

You can get to learn all the above mentioned topics in the following courses :

(PS - All these courses are available in classroom as well as online more)

I am sure this article must have clear all your doubts that what are the tasks and software do you need to learn and know if you are going for web design course or web development course. Career in both the courses is in demand and will get you good salary packages.